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Piano positive
Piano positive Piano positive
Dream Music for dreams
A Minute in the South
A Minute in the South This is a track with a catchy melody and a light arrangement, suitable for relaxing backgrounds, corporate music video, advertising, and video games. Very relaxing tune.
A Look Into The Distance Long Version
A Look Into The Distance Long Version Here is an easy and catchy track with a memorable groove.
Natural Senses
Natural Senses This track is an airy and hopeful composition featuring acoustic grand piano, pizzicato, spiccato and long strings.
Inspired to Succeed
Inspired to Succeed Inspired to Succeed is an inspirational track that features emotional melodies and motivational turns. It talks about success and the path needed to get there. The main instrument that stands out in this track has to be piano. Most suitable for all kinds of use as background music. Hope you enjoy! Thank you very much!
Kaleidoscopic Universe
Kaleidoscopic Universe This light and intangible piano soundscape can be used in a multiplicity types of creative projects.
Fadeless The down tempo cinematic piano, smooth flute and distant strings are perfect for emotional tragic background, sorrowful video, sad stories and more.
Most Precious Moments
Most Precious Moments A sweet, airy acoustic play that conveys tenderness and warm feelings.
DE VISU De visu (lat.) Trio (piano, violoncello, violin). Two-part form. Perfect for sounding the modernist exhibition, you can put a dance, In the concert hall will sound good too.
Uplifting Cinematic Soundtrack
Uplifting Cinematic Soundtrack Impressive cinematic music played by piano, orchestral strings, cellos and dramatic drums.
Perfect for inspiring and hopeful moments, wedding video and slideshows. Also it can be used as a background for powerful and emotional videos, trailers, sport visuals, scores, titles, titres and many other media projects!
Latin Groove Passion Mood
Latin Groove Passion Mood Background track in Latin music style - include piano, passion brass, mute guitar, congo, drums, bass etc. Active and positive, energetic and rhythmic item for your video project, YouTube channel, website, advertising and more.
Emotional Cinematic Beat Inspiring Trailer
Emotional Cinematic Beat Inspiring Trailer Inspiring, dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations
Emotional Piano Memories
Emotional Piano Memories Original inspiring cinematic composition featuring a piano, strings and percussion.
Dramatic Cinematic Tragedy
Dramatic Cinematic Tragedy Dramatic music track is perfect for your trailers, intros, games, shows, tv, quizz, radio, animations and many more !
Coldest Days
Coldest Days Fragile high-key music bed with inconsolable sadness will present to the spectator storytelling about hopeless emptiness.
Thoughtful Piano
Thoughtful Piano Sentimental, emotional, hopeful background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.
Illusion Illusion is a lyrical piano composition, with light harmony and a beautiful melody that will help to simply relax and forget about the problems
In the light of day
In the light of day The joy of sunlight could be felt only by one who was deprived of light, while in the prison of your inner world. Feel the joy of each day, each ray of light, may they give you light in the darkest hour when it seems that there is no hope and the purpose of life has been lost seemingly forever!
Sunrise the magic of freshness in the morning, the awakening of nature in the early morning, the beginning of a beautiful new day, rising sun
Timelapse Piano
Timelapse Piano Melodic, uplifting and atmospheric track with inspiring ambient piano. Suitable for timelapse videos, landscapes footages, or motivational clips, nature montage, slow motion videos, youtube videos and more.
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer A very sensuous dramatic soundtrack featured sonorous cinematic fortepiano, beautiful cellos and violins.
Ragtime Doubts Claps
Ragtime Doubts Claps Cool fun cinema music. Recorded with the help of live piano)) Can be used in any Silent Movies children?s parties, sports events, games as background music, as well as in computer games, television and radio, etc. Key C Major
Snowdrop This track can be approached as background music for those projects that show development, the way to accomplishments, victories, discoveries. The track consists of 3 parts. In the beginning, there sounds a calm part, played on the piano. Then, in a loud, solemn and motivating part, drums, bass, strings and keyboard instruments enter. And in the end, the piano sounds again.
 My first job !!
My first job !! The best piano
Wistful Sorrowful Piano
Wistful Sorrowful Piano This touching piano with contrabass sustain is filled with melancholy, sorrow and dark beauty.
Farewell Piano Theme
Farewell Piano Theme A dark poetic piano piece also featuring chamber strings bed (cello, viola and violin) and female background underscore.
Piano Inspirational
Piano Inspirational Inspirational track played on piano accompanied by string orchestra and percussion. Great background music for presentation, commercial, slideshow, wedding video, YouTube video, documentary, congratulations.
Cinematic Piano and Strings
Cinematic Piano and Strings "Cinematic Piano and Strings" is a dramatic, hopeful, dreamy piano track featuring cello and strings. It's good for slideshows, romantic videos and many other projects.
Neverland 50 sec
Neverland 50 sec Perfect music background for advertising, web, YouTube, commercial projects. Very good to accompany a modern technology-video, narration, videos, nature, education, textbooks, and more. Great for background to the mystical and fantastic plots.
Inspiring Epilogue
Inspiring Epilogue The cinematic orchestra featuring piano, soaring brass, airy strings, graceful woodwinds, epic percussion and inspire choir.
Inspirational Inspirational track with piano, strings and percussion. Good background music for media projects, advertising, presentation, documentary video.
Piano Corporate Minimal Piece
Piano Corporate Minimal Piece This is a full length corporate jingle featuring only a piano. Very minimal piece with emotional arpeggios that create compelling background for advertising, YouTube or other media.
Love wonderful moments
Love wonderful moments Easy, beautiful, calm, sentimental and lyrical track for your projects. Pianos and pizzicato among the synthesizers will not leave you indifferent!
Mysterious Artifact
Mysterious Artifact This dark cinematic theme is suitable for design of movies and video games.
Relentless Aspirations
Relentless Aspirations ’’Relentless Aspirations’’ is a very optimistic, expressive and beautiful cinematic theme featuring piano and symphonic orchestra.
Inspirational Piano
Inspirational Piano Inspiring and Uplifting track with piano, strings, cello and percussion. Great background music for landscapes, nature, big spaces, epic, special events, documentaries and news.
Shore Waves
Shore Waves This exciting piano arps with soars symphonic strings epitomizes inspiration and beauty.
black river_ piano
black river_ piano The melody of the river running away into the distance. Piano.
black river_ a piano with a flute
black river_ a piano with a flute The melody of the river running away into the distance. A piano with a flute.
Intangible balance
Intangible balance Lyrycs, slow, love, holiday, memorial, piano, for video, children
Sphere of inspiration
Sphere of inspiration Lyrics, slow, love, holiday, memorial, piano, for video, children
Gliding Lights on the Roof
Gliding Lights on the Roof This flexible background cinematic soundtrack will give sedative feeling and at the same time tension mystery atmosphere to your project.
Autumn improvisation
Autumn improvisation Free improvisation.
A Deep Dark Poem
A Deep Dark Poem The beauteous dark romanticism. This cinematic music performed on piano, solo cello and symphonic strings.
Silver Bokeh Light
Silver Bokeh Light Nice and mellow electronic soundtrack with a cello and synth vibes.
Sinister Flickering Shade
Sinister Flickering Shade A dark cinematic score featuring acoustic piano, cimbalom, mandolin, small metal percussion, tense orchestral strings and supernatural soundscapes
The Far Side of the World
The Far Side of the World A little bit exhilarating, but generally calm composition, which is perfect for video genre thriller or drama.
My Love
My Love It’s a magical song about the best feeling … about love. Love moves all in this world and I hope that I managed to convey that feeling. Enjoy!
Magic Beauty
Magic Beauty Magical and beautiful composition on a piano. Perfect for many genres of films for home video or games.
Little Joy
Little Joy Beautiful short composition, which is perfect for children or other video.
Inspiration Composition, which is perfect for moments of inspiration.
Idea Small composition on the piano, which is perfect for ideas moments.
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home Beautiful romantic composition, which is perfect for movies and commercial.
Dream The first half of the song funny, playful, and the other thoughtful, calm.
Bright Hope
Bright Hope Beautiful and tranquil composition. Here there is a determination, peace and happiness :) simple. Can be used in various video games.
Positive lyrical piano
Positive lyrical piano Inspiring emotional cinematic background theme with strong piano will not leave you indifferent. Piano romantic sentimental composition for nature, nostalgic, love, wedding movie scenes.
Piano "Piano" is a hopeful, dreamy, romantic and playful piano track featuring cello and strings. It's good for slideshows, romantic videos and many other projects.
Cinematic Inspire
Cinematic Inspire Cinematic emotional and inspired piano music with a symphony orchestra.The best for your presentation, commercial, anniversary, wedding, and other events...
First Snowfall
First Snowfall Beautiful melancholic piano piece featuring with chamber string quintet.
Classical Piano
Classical Piano Classical Piano it's inspiring piano solo music piece. This track may be used for commercials, advertisements, film/television, corporate presentations, wedding videos, and other types of media applications.
Piano and Strings
Piano and Strings "Piano and Strings" is a dramatic, hopeful, dreamy and romantic piano track featuring cello and strings. It's good for slideshows, romantic videos and many other projects.
Moment of Revelation
Moment of Revelation Captivating ambient piano song with orchestra strings and brass swells, also female soprano choir. Perfect for space themes, slow motion clips, time lapse footages, video games, movies.
Patterns of the Withered Ivy
Patterns of the Withered Ivy This cinematic music is full instrumental soundtrack that was created as main theme for feature film production.
looped deep boundless space
looped deep boundless space Looped. Atmosphere Documentary Ambient - beautiful inspirational atmospheric soundscape with beautiful piano chords, abstract textures and deep synth pads. Perfect for atmospheric video, slow motion video, ambient presentation and beautiful slide show, documentary videos, travel shows.
Crystal Castle
Crystal Castle This rich extraordinary work with bright solo piano and elegant accompaniment of the string orchestra will add an incredibly strong dramatic atmosphere to the videos about the war, natural disasters and so on.
Sonata Light, easy listen, romantic,cheerful instrumental composition for your presentations, video production and games.
Calm Dreaming Piano
Calm Dreaming Piano Calm Dreaming Piano - Soft piano classical music track for your projects.
Melancholic Piano
Melancholic Piano Melancholic, sad song. Here I used the piano as a solo instrument. This background music is very good for short films, sad scenes, the falling autumn leaves, gray sky, crying, loss, death. The tempo varies, but the value is around 62-72 BPM.
For YouTube Users:
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Piano Motivation
Piano Motivation Piano Motivation – background solo piano music for your projects.
Perfect for corporate presentation, motivational montage, commercial infographics and motivational slideshow.
Piano Inspiring
Piano Inspiring Inspiritional light and positive classical piano piano track. Perfect as a background music for films or documentaries.
Looking at Clouds
Looking at Clouds Looking at Clouds - light positive and peaceful classical piano is a soft and quiet solo piano track. Perfect as a background music for films or documentaries.
Motivation Piano
Motivation Piano Motivation Piano – background piano music for your motivational video project. Perfect for corporate presentation, motivational montage, commercial infographics and motivational slideshow.
Mystic Piano
Mystic Piano Mystical and smooth sound of piano.
Suitable for paranormal and mystic logo or intro, key points or special moments in games and films.
Theme_17 melancholic strong piano track with strings
Short Positive Logo
Short Positive Logo Is a short and beautiful audio logo suitable for company and brand logo projects. quiet electric piano, This logo can be used on websites, advertisements, and corporate presentations,radio and Tv.
Ice Stone (interlude)
Ice Stone (interlude) icy piano and guitar bridge, space and air
If Only (piano bridge)
If Only (piano bridge) piano and drums musical bridge, slight romantic and dreamy
Patriotic Corporate
Patriotic Corporate Patriotic Corporate is an uplifting and motivate track for advertise, corporate media projects, presentations, slideshows, tv shows and various video works.
Mood: Light, motivate, inspire, bright, sports, energy, joyful, sunny, summer, tropical.
Instruments used in track: Piano, strings, percussion, bass, brass, horn, arp, mute guitar, synth pads, drums, fx.
Hopeful Piano
Hopeful Piano Hopeful Piano - Motivational track. Fresh and nice sweet piano tune to use in video production that aims to inspire people. It contains flying arp piano, bright percussions, warm pizzicato strings, background strings
Advertising Piano
Advertising Piano Motivational and inspirational mood of this track good for fit presentation, advertise, teaser, media projects, slideshows, cinematic video, gaming video, movie. Track contains gentle piano, warm pads, bass strings.
Corporate Motivate Piano
Corporate Motivate Piano This light and atmospheric track is written in corporate style. It is built like a clock, creates a certain motivation for the listener. Will perfectly become your complement in presentations and various trainings, seminars and various educational videos. It consists of a guitar arpeggio, a futuristic piano, beautiful atmospheric synthesizer sounds and bells, as well as an easy, not complicated rhythm section. 120BPM
Piano Logo 2
Piano Logo 2 Nice music for your video!
Piano Logo
Piano Logo Nice music for intro
Piano Corporate
Piano Corporate Piano Corporate is track with emotional atmosphere, that evokes feelings of inspiration, hope, drama and tragedy, love, beauty, dream, adventure and discovery.
This song was created for inspirational videos, media projects, movie trailers, openers, promo and advertise projects, travel and nature videos, presentations, time lapse, slideshow and other projects, perfect for wedding and love stories.
Included Instruments: calm mute guitar, modern bass, classical strings, drums, Emotional piano.
Corporate Motion
Corporate Motion Corporate Motion is inspiring and positive track. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials, websites, inspirational videos, motivational stories, photo slideshows and other projects that need a positive mood.
Cinematic Piano
Cinematic Piano "Cinematic Piano" is a dramatic, hopeful, romantic piano track featuring cello and strings. It's good for slideshows, romantic videos and many other projects.
"Glass dream" for piano
"Glass dream" for piano Subtle, atmospheric transparent music for piano. Slow pace. Contemplative character gradually takes on dramatic overtones.Perfect for movies and theatre.
Romantic "Romantic" is an airy and romantic piano track featuring strings and cello. It’s good for slideshows, romantic videos and many other projects
Elegant flirting
Elegant flirting Elegant and sensual composition and sound design movie just easy listening. As the main instrument performs a piano in the frame of modern synthesizers.
Piano Inspiring Theme 4
Piano Inspiring Theme 4 Positive and optimistic track in a happy mood. Featured instruments are piano and strings. Perfect for positive videos, slide show or advertising.
Piano Inspiring Theme 2
Piano Inspiring Theme 2 Positive track in a happy mood. Featured instruments are piano and strings. Good for positive video, video game or an advertising.
Piano Inspiring Theme 1
Piano Inspiring Theme 1 Positive and optimistic track in a happy mood. Featured instruments are piano and strings. Perfect for positive videos, slide show or advertising.
Sad Piano
Sad Piano A sad and emotional track that was inspired by a relationship and thinking of a loved one. The track can be used as a soundtrack to game or film.
Start over
Start over start from scratch
Waltz scorched wings
Waltz scorched wings In spite of his wounds, we must continue the path.
Lonely Day
Lonely Day Minimalistic, melancholy and atmospheric piano musical piece.
Suitable for film, video, TV, advertising, web, events and other projects.
Inspirational flight
Inspirational flight Inspirational flying epic, action trailer, energetic, exciting, intense music. Here we use such instruments as violin, cello, trumpet, piano, percussion, strings. This track perfect for an epic trailer, advertising, video games, energetic videos, movies and more